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Membership Features

We are about taming overwhelm, not contributing to it.

We know you’re not looking for more work to fill up your spare time.  At first look, Student Success Club might seem like just one more obligation that will keep you from getting your work done, staying on top of your laundry and having a decent social life.  We get it.  

Our mission is to get you more time in your life and more life in your time.

We have honed the materials we provide down to the most valuable, most actionable items – ones that will save you more time week after week than it will take you to implement them.

An hour or so a week spent now won’t just save you lots of time later, (like maybe even the rest of your life), it will save you otherwise wasted hours every week right from the start.

Being the master of your own destiny

Everybody starts off with Core Content. We’re going to give you applications and instructions on how to set up your computer, your email and your schedule so that you make the most of your time – you’re not wasting it looking for lost documents, twiddling your thumbs between classes or guessing what your professors really expect. 

Too many students fail their first year because they don’t get these basics figured out.​

Each month has a theme and each week has a deliverable. Besides Core Content, themes include: 

  • ​​​​Vision & Accomplishment
  • ​Nuts & Bolts of Academic Achievement
  • ​Habits for a Lifetime
  • ​​Relationship Mastery
  • ​Recognizing Finished Work
  • ​​Motivation from Setbacks
  • ​​Graditude Attitude
  • ​​School to Career
  • ​​Mindfulness​​​​​​​​​​

The Four Categories of Deliverables

  • ​​regularly scheduled coach-hosted forums so you can get your questions answered in real-time There’s also a 24×7 Forum for discussion, encouragements and accountability among fellow members facing the same challenges
  • ….Of the Month (app, best practice tip, book and more). Again, it’s about reducing overwhelm, empowering the community and having fun
  • ​assessments, quizzes or surveys – a fun way to self-discovery
  • ​​information packages that are percolated down to the best and latest thinking relevant to the current theme. (You only need to pay attention to what’s relevant to you in relation to where you are on the success path

Return on Investment

Take an extra year to graduate and spend, on average, $24,000 for tuition and books. Foregone income? Let’s say $40,000. The cost of being passed over because of a less impressive transcript…. unknown. 

And it’s not just failing courses that delays graduation.  In fact, most graduates have around 134 credits when they only require 120.  The problem is that they didn’t have a Degree Plan.  This is part of Student Success Club’s core content.  We will send everybody on the VIP Wait List our free Degree Plan template – no obligation.  

Makes a Great Gift

We understand that often the person paying for the membership is not the student who will be the member. (Thanks Dad, Grandma, Aunt Karen and Uncle Jimmy….) You’re able to register on behalf of your favorite student. And we’ll send you a cool certificate to present to the lucky recipient.


Members also get some great bonuses like access to premium apps, guest speakers, gifts delivered to your door (or dorm), assessments, discounts and more.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’re convinced you’ll find value every month so we’re not asking for a long-term commitment. Pay monthly and your member dues will never go up. If you do decide to cancel, no fuss, your membership and dues will end that month. Please note though, if you leave and come back, we’ll have to charge you whatever the going rate is at that time.


PTA, sports team, band, prom committee, church group? These are just some of the organizations raising money by promoting Student Success Club through website links, email campaigns, raffles and other relatively easy promotions. Contact to find out more.​​​​