You can beat the odds and graduate on time

And just how am I going to do that?

With a coach and support group; and shortcuts to all the
​time-saving, grade enhancing tools and resources you need,
​you’ll save thousands of dollars and loads of time. 

​Graduate sooner and enjoy your college years a lot more. ​​​

All our coaches are caring professionals who monitor your progress, make suggestions, praise you when warranted and hold you accountable for meeting your obligations academically and beyond.

You need academic coaching AND life coaching at this critical time in your life. Your parents can’t be supervising you anymore. Your coach won’t tell you what to do: S/he will guide you to make the right choices for yourself.

You will have access to carefully selected and clearly defined apps, tools and documents chosen to make your life easier; a goldmine of information that our members enjoy along with clear advice about how to best use them. 

Challenges with procrastination? with overwhelm? with relationships? Student Success Club will help you. ​​

Regular coach-hosted help sessions focus on what’s challenging you right now.

Your cross-country team of other success-driven peers support each other publicly and stay in touch between meetings through an online forum.

Your college years are the best time to meet life-long friends and connections. Student Success Club extends that opportunity beyond your own campus.​

Student Success Club is a process and a community: It’s not a book. It’s not a course. Your coach and your fellow team members are what make it so powerful.  

Whether or not you have taken or are taking a First Year Experience course, Student Success Club will help you get the most out of your college experience by having a coach and a support team that sticks with you.

As the mother of two twenty-somethings, both of whom graduated from university, I understand the challenges students face today and can strongly relate to the concerns of their parents.

Joanne Libby
Founder & CEO
​​Student Success Club

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